MonRoi It is the name that proudly prides itself on high-quality handmade feminine shoes, capable of combining the heritage of Italian craftsmanship with the choice of the most sought-after and precious materials, in the rigor of unparalleled style and elegance.
The brand is the Creation of the stylistic inspiration ofMonica Gunnella that, from her early teens, began designing shoes and accessories inspired by high fashion.
After gaining an important cultural background in medicine and biochemistry, observing and strengthening the interest in the sinuosity and potential of the human body, he decided to take a road that was much more in keeping with his passions, ”Accademia di Costume e Moda di Roma”.
In this framework, the idea of creating a line of luxury women’s shoes, inspired entirely by the world of high fashion, takes shape.
The name “Mon Roi” underlines the total dedication to shoes and collects in its meaning, “My King”, the adoration and obsession with the luxury shoes.


An Italian brand entirely handcrafted, from concept to production, following strict and high quality standards, respecting the dictates of a company that aspires to become excellence. Each of our products is finished with care and passion by the skilled hands of our artisans, using materials and leathers with high environmental compatibility, ensuring natural and sustainable processes. The attention to detail wants to be our hallmark, because the woman who wears a shoe MonRoi, looks for perfection for details and a unique style.


The company’s ambition is to become a global icon of the footwear industry Made in Italy, without losing sight of quality, elegance and social responsibility, with the aim of making happy and satisfied all the women who they will wear MonRoi shoes.